Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

We are commercial lawyers, but we never set aside our social responsibilities.

The Chinese society is experiencing huge and rapid changes.  Lawyers as a special vocational group shall act with high public virtue and business ethics so as to contribute to the establishment of a society with fairness, good faith and justice.  To this end, we serve our clients with good faith to achieve mutual benefit on the basis of equality.
Furthermore, we respect rights and interests of our people for joint and harmonious development. We also participate in all kinds of social community work, including assisting the governments to deal with claims from the public, providing legal consultation for communities, donating for earthquake relief, aiding students in straitened circumstances and funding public interest litigation, etc.

In December 2004, HHP began to hold Workshop for law school students. Combining with the school courses, the Workshop aims to enhance the practical ability of law school students, expanding their thinking and arguing ability and providing an interactive platform for the students to combine the legal theory with practice. The Workshop encourages the participants to do purposeful legal research, to utilize legal devices flexibly to design commercial merger and acquisition modes, and to prepare basic legal documentation.  HHP hopes the law school students, through the Workshop, to learn about the work allocation and cooperation as a team and also get to know the basic work flow of a law firm to provide legal services. Now we have successfully held Workshops in Fudan University and Nanjing University for years.


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