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HHP Invited to Give Training at Shanghai Pudong Development Bank

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On 17 Oct. 2017, HHP Financial Services Team were invited to give a presentation on the legal issues and case analysis regarding the practice of risk management in the “2017 Reservation Training for All Branches” organized by Shanghai Pudong Development Bank in Shanghai.  The training was attended by key practitioners and responsible personnel of asset reservation department from branches all over the country.

The training covered the practice of common loans, equity income rights financing, short-term financing bond and company bond, notes management, umbrella trust, multi-nested transaction and other new type of cases.

Partner Jingdong XU and Jun HE analyzed typical cases in recent years with their deep understanding and experience in the financial and asset management sector, explained key issues to be noted from both the procedural and substantial aspects, discussed about the new type and special type of cases and provided legal solutions and advice on risk prevention.


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