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HHP Co-hosted Personal Data Protection Forum with Meritas Member Firms

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On 15th November, jointly with Meritas, In-House Community and 7 other Meritas member firms, HHP co-hosted The Personal Data Protection Forum - The Laws and Effects on Businesses Worldwide at Hong Kong International Arbitration Center.

With the strengthening of personal data protection in various countries and regions in the era of big data, the legislative changes and commercial impacts of personal data protection have attracted much attention. Meritas, jointly with In-House Community organized this forum and invited experts from member firms of Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, the United States, Germany and the Philippines to share the adoption and updates of personal data privacy & protection laws and their views on risk management in those jurisdictions with more than 50 professionals from multinational corporations, financial institutions and academic institutions.

While the value of big data is becoming increasingly prominent, how to balance the rapid development of data sharing with the effective protection of personal data has become the focus of legislation in various countries and territories. The legislature and law enforcement departments are paying more and more attention to the formulation and implementation of laws and regulations on personal data protection. With the legislation becoming more and more established, the administration and supervision are becoming stricter and stricter, which has become an international trend nowadays. For multinational corporations, the business development needs to be in compliance with the laws and regulations in various countries and territories, which has a direct impact on international business and creates new challenges. Therefore, the importance of strengthening personal data protection for MNCs is increasing.

Connecting the world’s leading independent law firms has always been the strength of Meritas. With all the member firms around the world, Meritas lawyers can help their clients quickly gain insights into new or unfamiliar legal markets, stay ahead of the curve on legal trends, tailor best practices in accordance to the latest local legislation on personal data protection, and navigate legal and social challenges wherever the business goes.

As a Meritas member firm in China, and the contributing firm of the Chinese Chapter of A Global Roadmap to Personal Data Protection: Asia Pacific, Europe & USA, HHP always pays attention to the latest legislative and regulatory trends of cybersecurity in China. Based on in-depth research, HHP lawyers have advised a number of multinational clients on personal data protection in an effective and reasonable way in China, and helped them to achieve their business goals and lower legal and compliance risks. Yao Rao, Managing Partner of HHP spoke during the forum, interpreting the legislative changes of personal data protection in mainland China. In view of the wide scope of application of the personal data protection rules under China's legislation, and the specification of the requirements on the collection, use and storage of personal data, as well as the multiple governmental departments ruling on the administration and supervision of personal data protection issues, the compliance mechanism for enterprises doing business in China is complicated. Yao answered the questions from the in house counsels, discussed the potential risks, provided practical suggestions on personal data compliance regarding the practice in China, and brought new ideas on how to improve information security mechanism to reduce compliance risk.


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