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HHP Joined in the Working Group of National Information Security Standardization

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HHP is delighted to announce that, we have recently gained admission to the working group of National Information Security Standardization Technical Committee (TC260) and become an official member of the Information Security Management Working Group (WG7) by virtue of our professional and experienced services in the field of information security management.

The Information Security Management Working Group (WG7) consists mostly of the leading technology-based companies in China, while HHP is one of the few member law firms eligible to render legal services on information security. We will make our best effort to research, formulation, and amendment of national standards on information security management, as well as the review and assessment of existing national standards, respecting the Bylaws of Working Group of National Information Security Standardization Technical Committee and other relevant rules, in order for development of national standards on information security management. The admission to the WG7 indicates a leading position of HHP in the area of data security compliance in China.


As approved by the National Standardization Administration Committee, the National Information Security Standardization Technical Committee ("NISSTC", TC260) is a technical working organization engaged in the information security standardization work in the profession of information security technology. The committee is responsible for organizing and carrying out technical work of information security standardization in China, including the development, revision, and review of national standards for information security. Its main working scope covers technical standardization work in the fields such as security technology, security mechanisms, security services, security management, and security assessment.

HHP is dedicated to rendering a wide range of legal services for clients in various sectors, including legal services with respect to cybersecurity and data protection like:

  • Legal support on risk assessment, compliance review and continuous improvement for information security;
  • Assistance in establishment of information security management systems and countermeasure against information security emergency;
  • Legal opinion and advice on cybersecurity, personal information protection, data security and cross-border transfer and other related issues;
  • Assistance in administrative registration, filing, report and other procedures required for cybersecurity and data protection;
  • Drafting and revision of personal information protection policies (privacy policies), service terms, user registration agreement, data processing entrustment contracts and other relevant documents;
  • Offering one-stop solution on personal information protection for human resource management;
  • Legal due diligence on cybersecurity and data protection in an M&A project and drafting of relevant transaction documents;
  • Legal training on information security management at the cutting edge of relevant legislation, jurisdiction practice and law enforcement.

HHP’s research in this area includes:

Click “HERE” to see the list of WG7 group members


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