Labor and Employment

Labor and Employment

HHP’s labor team is capable of providing full-scale labor-related legal services, assisting the corporate clients to lawfully and efficiently manage the daily HR matters to reduce the compliance costs and handling labor disputes. Meanwhile HHP also provides specific legal services on complex labor matters. HHP’s labor-related legal services cover the following practice:

  • Labor-related contracts, including individual and collective labor contracts, training agreement, non-compete agreement, confidentiality agreement and invention agreement;
  • Employee handbook, labor policy and rule and regulation;
  • Human resources outsourcing agreement and secondment agreement;
  • Termination management;
  • Employee benefits and stock incentive plan;
  • Labor protection, work-related injury and prevention and treatment of occupational disease;
  • Data protection and privacy;
  • Trade union;
  • Labor due diligence in M&A;
  • Labor arbitration, litigation and other types of labor dispute resolution.


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