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  • •  Shanghai University of International Business and Economics LL.M
  • •  Suzhou University Law School LL.B


Leading lawyer in Capital market (by Asia Law Profile)


  • •  PRC Bar


  • •  Mandarin
  • •  English


Mr. He joined HHP since 2004 and has been practicing for over ten years. He has been engaged by a great number of multinational companies, large state-owned companies and governments as their long term legal counsel and provides extensive legal service for various clients on their business and daily operation in China, including international trading, foreign investment, secured financing, M&A and restructuring, product liability, labor, disposal of accounts receivable and liquidation and dissolution, which covers all the stages of a company from the incorporation to liquidation.

In the financial sector, Mr. He provides legal service to the clients on the issuance of bonds in inter-bank bond trading market such as short-term financing bond, medium-term note and PPN. Mr. He also provides legal service for clients on assets management like credit and loan, trust and similar business, among which Mr. He is specialized in structuring the deal structure, conducting due diligence investigation, drafting transaction documents and rendering legal opinions for the investment and financing projects of financial institutions, private equity and various types of assets management vehicles.

With respect to real estate and construction, Mr. He provides legal service for various market players including real estate developer, construction contractor and the owner of self-use property. His practice covers land first-level development, bidding, auction and listing of land use right, project acquisition and financing, construction bidding, construction contracting and sub-contracting, sale and lease, real property management and construction dispute resolution.


  • Provided long-term legal service for Chinese subsidiaries of several multinational companies and large state-owned media companies
  • Provided general legal service to a city government and provided legal support for the decision-making and routine business of government authorities
  • Provided legal service for the wharf assets restructuring of a large state-owned company
  • Represented the shareholder whose signature has been forged and equity interest has been misappropriated and initiated the legal proceeding
  • Represented the company shareholder to initiate legal proceeding for shareholder’s right to information
  • Provided legal advice for private equity on the liquidation of limited partnership
Finance Services
  • Provided general legal advice for a foreign-invested bank
  • Researched for the World Bank on the reform of project loan management platform of environment infrastructure in Shanghai
  • Provided legal service for Salim China to issue medium-term note and PPN
  • Provided legal service for the establishment, filing and project investment and exit of Shanghai Environment Protection Industry Investment Fund
  • Provided legal service for China Construction Bank and China Forest Industry Holdings Limited on M&A loan project
  • Represented Turkey United Fund Bank to deal with the dispute on foreign exchange against China Industry and Commerce Bank
  • Provided legal service for B&Q on real estate matters involved in the commercial retail projects launched in Eastern China
  • Provided legal service for Zendai Property on several real estate projects in Hainan, Jiangsu and Shanghai
  • Provided legal service on the warehousing project in Fengxian jointly invested by Gaorong Group and Goodman Group
  • Provided full-scope legal service for TE Connectivity on the expansion and new construction of factories in Suzhou and Wuxi
  • Provided full-scope legal service for Shanghai Far-East Pharmaceutical Machinery on the construction of new factory
  • Rendered legal opinion for Apple on the premise lease and reconstruction of its retail store in Jing An district of Shanghai Municipality
  • Provided legal service to Infineon China to acquire new factory in Wuxi New Area


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Addr: Room 2208, 150 Hubin Road,
Corporate Avenue 5, Huangpu District,
Shanghai 200021 China
Tel: 86-21-50473330
Fax: 86-21-50470264