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  • •  M&A and Restructuring
  • •  Financial Services
  • •  Dispute Resolution


  • •  Fudan University Law School LL.M
  • •  Fudan University Law Department LL.B


  • •  Leading lawyer in Bank and Financial (by Asia Law Profiles)


Part of Information Disclosure of Securities Market in China of Transparency Directive Assessment Report published by Mazars


  • •  PRC Bar
  • •  Security Law Practice Qualification


  • •  Mandarin
  • •  English


Mr. Xu has been practicing for over twenty years since 1994. Before joining HHP, Mr. Xu used to work for Kangda Law Firm.

Mr. Xu has been providing legal service to assets management institutions like banks, trust companies, subsidiaries of fund and private equity on trust and similar business; Mr. Xu also provides legal service on debt financing instrument, asset-backed securitization and the structuring and issuance of financial derivatives. Mr. Xu provides legal service for M&A and restructuring of domestic and foreign institutions, including merger and acquisition, M&A financing, equity restructuring, debts restructuring and assets restructuring.

Moreover, Mr. Xu has been providing legal service for many clients on dispute resolution, including preparation, demonstration and implementation of the solution for disputes, litigation and arbitration, and enforcement of binding judgement, verdict, arbitration award and notarized writ. The legal service provided mainly involves financial service, assets management, M&A and restructuring and other dispute resolution within the scope of corporation law. Mr. Xu has deep experience in representing the legal proceeding before the courts nationwide including the Supreme People’s Court, and one of the winning cases has been chosen as the yearly typical precedent by the Supreme People’s Court; the Supreme People’s Court conducts case study on one newly emerged case represented by Mr. Xu and adopts his argument proposed in such case when it seeks comments for its judicial interpretations regarding a specific financial issue.

In addition to the financial and assets management institutions, Mr. Xu’s clients cover a wide range of sectors including real estate, media, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and consulting.


M&A and Restructuring
  • Represented a joint venture established by Royal Ahold and a domestic new technology venture capital to acquire the supermarket company and business of Yaohan
  • Provided legal service for Zhonghai Trust to acquire Guolian Fund (currently name as Zhonghai Fund)
  • Provided legal service for Yunnan Jingdian Real Estate Group on its debts restructuring, assets restructuring and equity restructuring with financial institutions and non-financial institutions for more than 10 billion
  • Provided legal service for Sichuan Sanzhou Special Steel Pipe on the disputes of price adjustment mechanism in PE investment and equity buy-back and relevant equity restructuring, debts restructuring and assets restructuring
Finance Services
  • Provided legal service for assets management institutions as Ai Jian Trust, Sichuan Trust, Xinhua Trust, Zhonghai Trust, Zhonghai Hengxin and Huitianfu Capital on trust and similar business
  • Provided legal service for De Fu Tai Bank and Ping An Trust for their transfer and buy-back of USD credit assets
  • Provided legal service for Salim on the issuance of PPN in the inter-bank market
Dispute Resolution
  • Represented Ai Jian Trust in the legal proceeding for shareholder’s shortage of capital contribution initiated by a third party creditor, Fangda Tansu, of the target company in an equity trust project
  • Represented and provided legal service for a limited partnership on the enforcement of notarized writ for entrusted loan
  • Represented and provided legal service for a trust company on the enforcement of notarized writ after the counterparty of the trust project for transfer of equity earnings was in default
  • Represented a foreign company on the legal proceeding initiated by a Chinese company for fraud exception under an independent letter of guarantee
  • Represented Zhonghai Trust on the legal proceeding against Jianqiao Securities on embezzlement of customer transaction settlement fund
  • Represented the shareholder of Zheng Gong Fu to participate in the dispute resolution
  • Represented the client on the first claim for revocation initiated by a third party against a valid judgment in Shanghai after the amendment of the Civil Procedure Law


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Addr: Room 2208, 150 Hubin Road,
Corporate Avenue 5, Huangpu District,
Shanghai 200021 China
Tel: 86-21-50473330
Fax: 86-21-50470264