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HHP Invited to Give Training at Shanghai Pudong Development Bank

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On June 29, 2020, at the invitation of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, HHP lawyers conducted special training for the key practitioners and responsible personnel of relevant departments of SPD. As a professional training during the epidemic period, this training was carried out through online live broadcast. The main topics include the legal skills to response to special problems in asset disposal and the analysis of the latest trend of judicial practice.

The speakers of this training are Mr. Jun HE, partner of HHP, and Mr. Qian MA, senior associate of HHP. For the first topic, Mr. He analyzed four key issues in asset disposal: the disposal of new guarantee measures, the legal risk of the current distribution of the channel party, the treatment of mortgage stock for debt repayment and the bankruptcy reorganization in the disposal. Accordingly, Mr. He discussed the impact of the Minutes of the National Court Work Conference on Trial of Civil and Commercial Cases, the Civil Code and the latest business rules of the stock exchange in respect to different situations respectively and explored the corresponding legal solutions.

The second topic was presented by Mr. Ma, who deeply analyzed the new trend of taking judicial measures regarding assets disposal. Mr. Ma elaborated the impact of the Supreme Court's new opinions on the implementation of the seizure and freezing of assets, the innovation of the seizure financing, the impact on the stock freezing disposal and the cross case of civil and criminal law. He systematically analyzed the differences between the trial practices before and after the release of the new opinions with case studies and provided the attendees with practical suggestions.


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