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HHP successfully won the panel for SPD Bank Shanghai Branch

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HHP has successfully won the panel for retained legal advisors for SPD Bank Shanghai Branch. HHP will act as the legal advisor for SPD Bank Shanghai Branch and will render legal services in terms of bond, disposal of non-performing assets and dispute resolution. This legal service team is led by Mr. Jingdong XU and Mr. Jun HE.

HHP provides contentious and non-contentious financial legal services for institutions such as banks, trust companies, securities companies, subsidiaries of funds, insurance companies, assets management companies, private equity funds, finance leasing companies and factoring companies. Our practice facilitates a dynamic cycle of synchronous progress and supplementation of our financial contentious and non-contentious practice, which benefits HHP to enjoy competitive advantage in the financial legal services market, in particular in the assets management business including trust region, acquisition loan and relevant dispute resolution. HHP also has extensive experience in new type of financial dispute resolution, with expertise in the disputes regarding asset management, trust plan and financial instrument.

HHP’s legal services involve the following financial service sectors:

  • Financing or investment projects of the assets management institutions including banks, trust companies, securities companies, subsidiaries of funds, insurance companies, assets management companies and private equity funds;
  • Bank commercial loan, syndicated loan and acquisition loan;
  • Issuing debt financing instruments;
  • Assessing the compliance on new products developed by financial institutions;
  • Innovative financing such as internet financing;
  • Cross-border security;
  • Establishment, merger and acquisition and liquidation of financial institutions;
  • General compliance of financial institutions;
  • Financial dispute resolution.

The financial services department of HHP has been recognized by several well-known legal directories such as IFLR1000 and asialaw Profiles. The financial dispute resolution cases handled by HHP also contribute to the firm’s recommendation by Benchmark Litigation.



2021-02-02 11:21




2021-02-02 11:21






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