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HHP Recognized by Benchmark Litigation 2022 Asia-Pacific and China Edition

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For another consecutive year, we are delighted to announce that both Benchmark Litigation Asia-Pacific and China have once again recognized HHP Attorneys-At-Law in Commercial and Transactions within the dispute resolution space in its 2022 edition. This recognition reflects our legal expertise and quality of work in dispute resolution, and our commitment to our clients.

Dispute resolution is one of the key practice areas of HHP. We have successfully represented Chinese and foreign clients on resolving an extensive array of disputes before courts, administrative authorities and arbitration tribunals around China, and specialized in commercial disputes, especially in the areas of trust and assets management, securities, merger and acquisition, investment and financing, shareholders’ rights, corporate governance.

With respect to commercial disputes, HHP specializes in major, complex and difficult cases, with extensive experience in the enforcement of cases and the handling of emergencies. The commercial cases represented by HHP have been selected as model cases by the Supreme Court and the Shanghai High Court. With deep understanding of complex financial products and ways that financial market operates, HHP’s dispute resolution team is expert at resolving financial disputes and providing professional and innovative solutions. The team has represented clients for the disputes over independent guarantee, effectiveness of umbrella trust, stock market OTC funds, distribution of trust status, and financing disputes related to disposal of non-performing assets and distressed assets.

Benchmark Litigation is the definitive guide to the world’s leading litigation law firms. First published in 2008, from North America to global, it is the only publication on the market focusing exclusively on litigation work. The ranking is well known for its objectivity and neutrality and based on the independent research conducted by the editors and researchers of Benchmark Litigation. The key criteria include recent case evidence to determine the firm’s position in the market, the opinions of a wide range of corporate and in-house contacts, as well as the feedback of litigators, arbitrators, dispute resolution specialists and their clients in the field. Benchmark China is the first bilingual regional guide that focuses on the dispute market of major provinces and municipalities in China.

Client feedback:

The firm’s thorough legal analysis and solid legal knowledge helped my company. They solidified our position and convinced the counterparty's attorney to agree with our arguments.

Yao RAO is a true solution provider with solid legal expertise.

As always, we would like to express our gratitude to all our valued clients, business partners, and friends. They have entrusted us with challenging disputes, and it has been our privilege acting for them. We will continue to put our experience and skill to use on behalf of our clients throughout China and worldwide.



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