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HHP Ranked Top Tier in The Legal 500 Asia Pacific 2023

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HHP Attorneys-At-Law is honored to announce that the law firm has been ranked in the latest ranking of The Legal 500 Asia Pacific 2023 as a top tier law firm in Shanghai and a recommended PRC law firm in Data Protection and Corporate/M&A due to its professional services and excellent market reputation. Four individuals from HHP have been ranked in the three practice areas, among which HHP associate, Shuaijie LU, has been recommended as a Rising Star in Data Protection.

Reviews from The Legal 500:


HHP Attorneys-At-Law offers particular expertise in the areas of dispute resolution, cybersecurity and data compliance, and corporate and M&A mandates, acting for clients across a broad range of sectors. It has seen growth in the area of financial litigation, particularly in relation to asset management, and trust and loan agreement disputes. The firm also regularly handles cross-border matters as it is a member firm of Meritas, a global network of law firms.


HHP Attorneys-At-Law’s cybersecurity and data compliance department, is a popular choice among clients in the consumer goods and services, manufacturing, and automotive industries. The firm is increasingly advising on data breach and compliance matters for e-commerce sector clients. Practice head Yao Rao is a cybersecurity and personal data protection specialist with ‘strong problem-solving abilities’. Associate Shuaijie Lu is another key contact, with experience addressing data compliance issues for both domestic and foreign clients.

Client feedback:

The firm provides very professional and effective legal and compliance support in respect of data protection. The lawyers have a strong command of the fast-changing laws and keep working on new compliance requirements. By virtue of their close working relationship with Meritas law firms in other jurisdictions, they can handle our cybersecurity and data protection projects involving multi-jurisdictions. Their billing system is friendly, and they can offer more than you pay.

“Yao Rao is very experienced. He is an expert in the field of data protection and has a very up-to-date knowledge of the practice. He has strong problem-solving abilities and provides the client with very valuable advice. He is also a great leader. His team work together efficiently with high quality under his direction.”

“Shuaijie Lu and Shihao Xiao both have strong capacities and a wealth of experience in cybersecurity and data compliance issues. They stand out for their high quality and results-oriented service as well as excellent attitude. The advice provided by them was very appropriate and useful.”


Under the leadership of Yao Rao, HHP Attorneys-At-Law is capable of providing corporate advice to clients from regulated industries including pharmaceuticals, industrial manufacturing and financial services. The team is engaged on inbound investments into China, where it represents both investment funds and target companies, and is additionally engaged by Chinese companies on domestic and outbound deals.


“The team of lawyers are very professional in this field, and at the same time, they are able to keep up with the industry development trends, in-depth research on related fields, and then work out solutions together with the legal dilemmas encountered by our business development. They can not only fully understand the business demands of us and our business associates, but also provide us with effective solutions that take into account both business and compliance demands. Moreover, they can provide professional and effective support for full coverage of our business, from daily operational matters to complicated transactions. For billing, they can rapidly allocate resources within the firm and offer a transparent and flexible fee model. For collaboration, they are a member firm of Meritas global network, so that they can provide strong cross-border legal support in various legal market.”

“Yao Rao is very experienced and has dealt with a large number and wide range of highly complex M&A deals and difficult situations. He can always keenly realize the commercial needs of clients and will strive to provide practical and workable solutions and guidance that can solve problems from the perspective of clients, and at the same time, retaining a good degree of flexibility. Moreover, Yao always patiently listens to the needs of clients, and actively provides solutions and alternatives to problems.”

“Shihao Xiao has professional capabilities with a strong commercial sense, and has a good sense of the regulatory changes and could advise us strategically on what to expect. Shihao always responds quickly to client needs and can meet deadlines. He has a good understanding of the business model and business practices of new energy industry and can always provide valuable advice to facilitate the transactions.”

Again, we remain grateful to our valued clients, business associates and fellows for all your support. Our success is inseparable from your long-term support and trust. We will continue providing our clients with high quality and efficient legal services and look forward to better cooperation in 2023.



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